The pinnacle of motorsports transferred into the board game, that’s ‘Formula GP’ from the Duck’s Games, which provides lot of elements from the racing world, properly simplified and balanced.


We are proud to present ‘Formula GP’ (working title), a concept for a racing board game which is currently in prototype phase, where the main goal is to test the game mechanism. We wanted to include in the game as much racing elements as possible. We simplified and balanced the rules to make it more playable and fun. We are still working on graphics/ilustrations and part of them, visible below might still change.


    • Game for 1-6 players
    • 2 game modes: individual and constructors / teammates
    • 2 difficulty levels: beginner and champion
    • Game duration: 30 – 120 min
    • Age: +8 years


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  • Build any racing track based on modular sections. Easy and wide circuit or full of tight turns making the cars  slower and more difficult for overtaking.
  • Have you thought about building a real life racing circuit? No problem! We will provide You few proposals of real tracks.

Like In real racing, each track is different, one is wide and fast other is tight and slow.

In the game it’s easier to overtake on wide and straight sections, where additionally DRS zones or ERS system will give you some benefits. If track sections are narrow and curved the overtaking is more difficult and also because of dependency on attack and defense parameters of the drivers during overtaking.



  • Select 1 of 6 teams, each of them has different settings and unique skills

Every car has different initial parameters and can be configured individually. One can be faster on straights other on slower curves, etc.. Cars differ between each other, they have different tire wear level, ERS capacity and overtake momentum (overtake feature). Additionally each team has a unique special ability.



  • Draw cards, build your deck and decide how to drive, faster by taking a risk of bigger tire wear or smoother but slower and better for  saving the tires.

The movement is executed by playing action cards. Players can use the cards for going straight or to changing the track lane.

Each card has additional variants for the speed (optimal or aggressive) and Can contain some bonuses, these are charging ERS level or gives additional movement point.  In total there are 14 different card types.

As it’s a board game there is of course an element of randomness that forces the players to draw new cards.  Game promotes players who don’t  keep better cards forever – if you won’t play your cards, drawing new action cards might cause an unnecessary risk >> rolling the risk dice.

  • Select tire compound and manage tire wear during the race.

In the game we have 3 types of tires, two for a dry track and one for a wet. Each tyre has different driving characteristic and tire wearness, for example: Softs are little bit faster but less durable. Wet tires are completely different, chosed tire might bring negative or positive impact on Your car setup depending on the changing weather during the race.

Before starting the race, we should decide what tire type is best for us and our strategy. During the race we should execute our strategy like making a call for a pit stop in a right moment. If player drives aggressively, by often changing the track lane or playing mainly with green (fastest) cards or just by other decisions is forced to throw a risk dice, the tires will quickly worn out.



  • Changeable weather conditions

Weather can change during the race. Players have indirect influence on this by discarding event cards. The more event cards are discarded to the control panel the higher probability of weather change is to occur in a particular moment of the race.

If player decides to use advanced car settings, then weather card should be selected before the start of the race. The card with a combination of a dice score gives forecast in which lap the weather will change (except sunny conditions). Once the lap token reach the place of weather token, the condtitions will change accordingly to forecast.

We have 3 types of weather:

    • Sunny (low chance of rain) – 4 variants
    • Cloudy (higher chance of rain) – 3 variants
    • Rainy – 2 variants


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  • Stay close to your rivals and use DRS zone to overtake.

DRS zone in the game is a simplified equivalent of the real one. When the car behind will “catch” the opponent in DRS zone (at the end of his movement) then the car behind Can do extra move and put the car just behind the rival.



  • Keep the racing line.

Players should follow a proper racing line to keep rivals behind, which makes potential overtake maneuver more difficult. If  one sticks to the same lane as car behind, than will force the opponent to change the lane and loose the tire wear.

You Can also force the opponent to drive the less attractive lane but this aggressive movements might bring negative consequences for both players or just for You. Additionally, manage the energy recovery system (ERS) and use additional power for extra attack points.

Use the car momentum, which allows for temporary increase of attack’s efficiency by activating movement points which were cumulated (not used by the player) in a previous movement.


  • Expect unexpected!

In the game we have random events from motorsports like Safety Car, yellow flags, oil leaks but also different types of bonuses dependent on current situation on the track.  Event card is drawn when player finishes the move at a special field on track or if special action card is played. Players must decide if it’s better to activate events or to discard the card to the control panel which might affect the weather conditions or call the safety car, which gives extra possibilities for the game tactics.

There are also so-called risk cards. As a result of aggressive driving style players might be forced to throw the risk dice. Depending on the dice score Players Can be hit by a bigger tire wear or pick a risk card from special deck where most of them are negative. However, if you are lucky, you Can get some bonus instead or the risk won’t make you any damage.

All type of cards used in the game.



  • Optionally:
    • We can use the drivers which are represented by ‘driver cards’, each driver has different attack skills and defense abilities. This will add more drama into the wheel-to-wheel battle.
    • You Can add the ‘bots’, as kind of artificial intelligence controlled by the players to add more opponents or just to play solo.



Below a few real pictures from game testing:




We are working on the main graphic theme for the box. We have asked society to choose the direction and from 6 concepts there were 2 favorites: a view from the cockpit (1) and the famous section “Eau Rouge” (6).

In this case we decided to combine these two concepts into one.