Formula’21GP – coming soon on KICKSTARTER

The pinnacle of motorsports transferred into a board game, that’s Formula’21GP by Duck’s Games – Engage Offline, which contains a lot of elements from the racing world, properly simplified and balanced.


    • Game for 1-6 players
    • Game duration: 45 – 120 min
    • Age:  10+


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  • Build any racetrack based on modular sections. Easy and wide circuit or full of tight turns making the cars  slower and more difficult for overtaking.
  • Select 1 of the 6 most succesful teams from current grid, each team has different car characteristics and can be configured individually.
  • Check weather forecasts and monitor possible changes during the race on weather radar.
  • Select tyre compound and manage tyre wear during the race. There are 3 tyre types: SOFT, HARD & WET, each has different driving characteristic e.g. Softs are little bit faster but they won’t last long.
  • Stay close to your opponents by using DRS zones.
  • Manage ERS (energy recovery system) and use this extra power for attack, defense or movement.
  • Expect unexpected! Thera are many random incidents which Can happen during the race e.g. safety car, yellow flags, debries on track and more.
  • Gameplay is based on the action cards which represent the speed and movement type. You Can build kind of a combos to make the card more powerfull but increasing the risk level.


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update #7

Dear Racers! A new video is available where you will get some details about other game components like race control panel, event, info & weather cards, tokens and dices.

update #6

We present the 4th team in Formula’21GP!
One of the most successful teams in history has been struggling in the back of the grid for several years.
This difficult situation led to significant organizational changes within the team hoping it will bring the team back at the front. Will that help? … for sure you Can do that in Formula21GP board game 😊

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update #5

3rd team arrives into Formula’21GP!
Iconic Italian squad from Maranello! The most successful team in history. Despite winning some races and being a championship contender the team is not able to finally get the trophy since 2007.

update #4

Formula’21GP race tracks explained!
Find out how to move the cars on the board in our upcoming board game which will be released via Kickstarter.

update #3

We present the second of six Formula’21GP team!
A racing Legend! 3rd the most successful team in history. For several years struggled with Japanese engine supplier but now comes back to an old German friend 😉 constantly improving performance.

update #2

Get in touch with modern hybrid Formula car systems and learn how to manage them in Formula21GP board game!

update #1

We present the first of six Formula’21GP teams.
Located in Enstone with a great history and several championships won. Nowadays It seems that their best times are history but they are still hungry for more. The car lacks some pace compared to frontrunners, but in the hands of an experienced driver this car is still capable of winning races.

More game details will come soon!

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