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FormulaGP is an exciting racing board game for 1-6 players. Build any racetrack with interlocking tiles. Fight wheel-to-wheel battles by taking tight corners at the grip limit or fast straights boosted by the modern ERS hybrid system. Add to the experience with dynamic weather, yellow flags, team radios, and more.

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3 game modes with different difficulty levels and different play times:


  • Sprint race: A quick race with limited features for beginners ~30 mins
  • Standard race: A race with basic car management ~60 min
  • Advanced race: A race for pros, with dynamic weather, driver cards, team radios and more ~90 mins

Don’t pay extra for add-on tracks.

Use the FormulaGP puzzle track tiles to build any track.

Keep up the pace and battle your rivals by deciding which cards to play and how fast to drive.

Your success depends on your choices, not a roll of the dice.

Know your car’s strengths and weaknesses, and use its full potential in the track sections that suit your car best.

Teams are asymetric and each has a unique car setup and special paramaters.

Chose the best racing line and use the DRS zones to attack.

Keep the overtake indicator level high and play better cards to win a battle, but remember that your rivals can still defend their position.

Charge your ERS battery so you can keep more cards in your hand or drive faster on straights.

Every car uses tyres differently, so adapt your driving style to your team’s car and the tyre type.

Check the weather forecast before the race and plan your pit stop strategy.

Keep in mind that the pre-race forecast may not be accurate, so the weather may change sooner or later than predicted.

Some events in the race might give you a temporary advantage, but beware yellow flags or a Safety Car which could upset your strategy.

It’s up to you to decide how much risk to take.

Do you play it safe and score championship points, or do you fight for the win at all costs?

Master your driver’s unique skill and manage their stress level to keep up the pace during the race.

Use BOT cars to add more competitors while playing FormulaGP with friends or just to play solo.

Select Pro-BOT cars to challenge you at the front of the field, or Rookie-BOT cars as backmarkers.

Attack to overtakeManage the tyresUnlimited racetracks
Defend to keep the positionManage ERSDynamic weather
Drive wheel-to-wheelControl the speedSafety Car
Use the slipstream effectCountersteer to avoid spinsVirtual Safety Car
Use DRS zones to overtakeListen to the team radioYellow flags
Manage drivers stress levelPlay SoloBlue flags
Manage the riskPlay with friends and AI carsPenalties
Dynamic weatherAvoid crashesOil & debris on track
Standing waterRepair damageAsymetric cars

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