TRIANG WARS – tactical battle game


Use your strategic skills and become a General of one of three armies and fight to the victory! Train and recruit your forces, capture and fortify territory, fight and capture strategic targets defending at the same time your own head quarter.


  • Category: tactical battle game
  • Publisher: Duck’s Games
  • Age: 14+
  • number of Players: 2-8
  • playing time: 60 – 120 min.


Take control over legendary machines like Sherman, T-34 or heavy Tiger and unlock special attacks like V1 rockets, katyusha or carpet bombing and use them all to gain advantage on the battlefield. Give a special order of your General and throw own units into the battle having in mind their capabilities and unique skills. Difficult decisions, heavy and emotional battles in new, innovative magnetic world of triangles, which will require unconventional tactics and game style. WW2 theme game with simple rules. That’s what TRIANG WARS is about.


  • Magnetic board never met before. Tokens are always on their place.
  • Innovative triangle grid, forget the hexes or squares and play unconventional.
  • Simple mechanics, few ways to victory. Each game will be different.
  • Legendary machines and specialized infantry units.
  • 3 armies and 7 units per each with different statistics, special attacks and unique skills
  • Thrilling and dynamic gameplay



Check out the unboxing  of Triang Wars by WojennikTV 



Defeat your enemies and stay unbeatable on the field of glory. You can achieve that by to 3 different ways:

  • Collect 480 points and you will win.
  • Capture 3 strategic goals (bridge, factory, railway station) to gain strategic advantage and win.
  • Take over enemy head quarter and enemy will surrender.

Triang Wars is turn based game, each turn consisting of 3 phases:

  • Recruitment =>  player recruits the Units. Each player can use vehicles like tank, plane, armored truck and troops like sniper, gunner, bomber and medic.
  • Movement => Move your army to the battlefield, control the territory and capture strategic targets. Fortify terrain to increase travel speed of your units and decrease the speed of enemy. You also can repair damaged vehicles, heal wounded units or onboard the troops on vehicles.
  • Attack => use two types of attack stronger, more damage but less accurate or less damage but more accurate and easer to perform. Unit skill + attack type + distance is a recipe for effective attack which left enemy without a chance for counterattack.




In a standard game mode player is in role of the commander to manage the army. In a private mode each player controls a single unit to play together against enemies (4-8 players).



  • Magnetic board
  • 12 cards of generals, each with specific order.
  • 21 dual side unit cards (8×12 cm)
  • 3 dual side cards with special attacks (V1 attack, carpet bombing, katyusha)
  • 1 card of initiative
  • 210 magnetic triangles representing terrain
  • 21 tokens of units6 magnetic tokens of heavy ammo
  • 80 round tokens to mark points, special skills, units status (wounded, damaged, destroyed)
  • 3 tokens of headquarters
  • 12 tokens of strategic goals
  • 6 removable boxes which help to manage terrain tokens, it can be also used as basis to throw dices
  • 2 standard dice